(Italiano) Consorzio Gourm.it

Consorzio Gourm.it is a network of Italian producers able to offer a wide range of cheeses, traditional and in particular organic, but also charcuterie and mustards. Through Gourm.it the advantage for the customer is a single logistic solution with one only invoice for a very large range of products (different quality and price).

Headquarter: via Ruggera,44 – 46020, Pegognaga (MN) Italy
Administrative Office: viale San Lorenzo, 40 – 46020, Pegognaga (MN) Italy
tel. +39 037 6559539


Salumificio Falcone srls

In keeping with the grand tradition of Calabrian salami, the Salumificio Falcone introduces itself as a creator of the highest quality handcrafted meat products. All meats come from Italian certified farming or from the native “suino nero” (black pig) raised in the wilderness of the Sila National Park; all spices come from the east coast of Calabria region.

Via Forgitelle, 52 87058 Camigliatello Silano (CS)
Tel. +39 0984 578319


Prosciuttificio Valserio S.r.l.

The Prosciuttificio Valserio has skillfully combined tradition and technology, authenticity of the product, competence and passion, producing a wide range of Organic cooked meat: 100% Cooked Ham with Italian Meats, High Quality Cooked Ham, Roasted Ham with Herbs, Smoked Prague Cooked Ham, Pork Loin, Roast Turkey Roast, Smoked Chicken Breast with Beech Wood, Roast Beef, Beef Pastrami, DOP Parma Raw Ham, Seasoned Raw Ham, Milan Pastrami, Seasoned Speck, Seasoned Cup, Bresaola.

Via Vittorio Veneto 1M – 26010 Ripalta Cremasca (CR) Italy
TEL: +39 (0)373 259021   FAX: +39 (0)373 83121

www.valserio.it  – info@valserio.it

Fileni Alimentare spa

Marketing of avicolture meat, fresh and deep frozen beef and pork, cook and ready to cook meals

Via Martiri della Libertà, 27 60035 Jesi (AN) Italy
tel +39 0733 606211 – fax +39 0733 606239


Pedrazzoli Salumificio spa

Organic breeding farms of our own property, slaughtering of Italian heavy pigs, transformation into typical cured meats: Parma ham and San Daniele, salami, pancette, coppe, mortadelle and cooked hams.

With PrimaVera® (first organic meat and cold cuts line) we are pioneers of Organic in Italy since 1996.

Via S. Giovanni, 16/A 46020 S. Giovanni del Dosso (MN) Italy
tel 39 0386 757332 – +39 0386757268-757438