Apicoltura Filippo Leonardi

Production of high quality honeys, taking advantage of a kind breeding
called nomadism, that consists in moving the bees in citrus gardens,
forests and wild fields, foraday pollution sources, in several Sicily and
Calabria territories. Beyond honeys, we produce also: pollen, royal jelly,
propoli and bees wax. Company certification: IFS FOOD – SDA – NOP – USDA

Via Cencelliere, 53 – 95019, Zafferana Etnea (CT) Italy
tel/fax +39 0957 083374

www.solmielato.it | info@solmielato.it
www.filippoleonardiapicoltore.it | info@filippoleonardiapicoltore.it

Conapi Soc. Coop. agricola

Production, packaging and sale of multi-flower and mono-flower honeys,pollen, royal jelly and jellies sweetened with honey and fruit sugar.


Via Idice, 299 40050 Monterenzio (BO) Italy
tel +39 051 6540411 – fax +39 051 6540405


Alce Nero spa

We are brand of more than a thousand organic farmers and processors who have, since the 1970s, striven both within Italy and farther afield to produce delicious, healthy, and nourishing food that comes from agriculture that respects the land

Via Palazzetti, 5 /C – 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) Italy
tel +39 051 6540211 – fax +39 051 65402106

info@alcenero.com  –  www.alcenero.com


Production and trade of durun wheat semolina pasta (classic, legume, spelt, tricolor, (aggiunta virgola) whole wheat, gluten free), rice (white and whole grain), tomato preserves and sauces, pesto sauces (with basil, rocket and spinach
or with tomato), legumes (dried, boiled, flavored), dried cereals, legume and cereal soups, flours, gluten free flours, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, flavored oils, vegetables in oil, vegetable paté (olives, artichokes, zucchini), balsamic vinegar and glaze, wines without sulphites, crackers, vegetable juices, fruit juices, smoothies, fruit jams, honey, coffee, cookies and Panettone

Via Ingegno, area PIP lotto 43, 84087 Sarno (SA) Italy
tel +39 081 5302305 – fax +39 081 5302637