Delikatesse srl

Production of tomato purées, tomato concentrate, pizza sauce, ready pasta sauces, red pesto, basil pesto, pepper pesto, rocket pesto, boiled pulses, boiled cereals, fruit jams, marmelades, fruit preserves, vegetables in oil and vinegar, paté, stuffed olives, aromatic oil, truffle products, soya mayo, rice mayo, ketchup, barbecue sauce, soups, hummus.

Via della Fratellanza, 2 – 84086, Roccapiemonte (SA)
tel. +39 081935375 – fax +39 0815145500 –

F. D. S. S.a.s. di De Santi Fabrizio & C.

Production and trade of fresh fruit (apple and pears) for food industry,
fruit semi-finished products (puree, puree concentrate, juice, juice concentrate),
frozen fruit, tomato and tomato semi-finished products (tomato
passata, pulp, concentrate)

Via Corradini, 1/S – 35042, Este (PD) Italy
Tel. +39 0429 91378 – Fax +39 0429 662197

Pancrazio S.p.a.

Production of Organic canned boiled beans and pulses, Organic ready
soups, Organic boiled cereals and special products. Organic pasta sauces,
canned Organic Italian tomatoes and Italian tomatoes “passata” in bottle

Zona Industriale Via L. Angeloni, 1
84013 Cava De’ Tirreni (SA)
tel +39.089.461510 – fax +39.089.344064 |

BioLogistic Srl

Import/Export and wholesaler of organic ingredients and raw materials: spices, aromatic herbs, cereals, pulses, sweeteners, fats, seeds, dried vegetables; worldwide organic farming projects.

Viale Monza, 43/B – 20125 MILANO – Italia
tel +39.02.2840392 r.a. – fax +39.02.2613964 |