Caffè Gioia – Labcaffè S.r.l.

Cofee roaster. Since 1949, Caffè Gioia has been focusing on quality and
innovation. The compant’s flagship is the production of single dose coffee in
paper pods or plastic capsules compatible with the more extraction systems

C.da San Paolo, 30 – 84022, Campagna (SA) Italy
Tel. +39 08 28240002 – Fax +39 08 28240900 |

T.M. srl Torrefazione dei Fratelli Morandini

Caffè Morandini basis its work on two pillars: quality and innovation. The quality is confirmed by the various national and international awards won by many of its blends. Innovation is reflected in the offer: the company has been offering organic and fairtrade certified products for many years and now it started producing also compostable and biodegradable pods and capsules, certified Ok compost.

Via Ruc, 1/C – 25040 Esine (BS)
Tel 0364 360661 – Fax 0364 361528