Associated Companies

Consorzio il Biologico promotes and  presents core businesses, values and products of associates companies in organic products market. Below you can browse in alphabetical order all the associated companies. Members of Consorzio il Biologico are allowed to join all assemblies, commissions, panels, promotional activities and to enjoy some benefits. Find out how to become a member.

Aldino srl – Pastificio Mennucci

Production of pasta from durum wheat semolina, egg pasta, dietetic pasta, gluten free pasta, specialities

Via E. Balestreri 236 55100 Ponte a Moriano (LU) Italy
tel +39 058340521 – fax +39 0583406501

(Italiano) Intenso Aroma di caffè – Paska srl

Coffee Roasting. Producer of coffee pods, capsules, ground and beans. Our capsules compatible with Nespresso machines and our pods are completely compostable, certified by Vincotte “Ok Compost”.

Via Ferrante Imparato 501, – 80146 Napoli
tel +39 081 5592128

Pancrazio S.p.a.

Production of Organic canned boiled beans and pulses, Organic ready
soups, Organic boiled cereals and special products. Organic pasta sauces,
canned Organic Italian tomatoes and Italian tomatoes “passata” in bottle

Zona Industriale Via L. Angeloni, 1
84013 Cava De’ Tirreni (SA)
tel +39.089.461510 – fax +39.089.344064 |

Parmalat S.p.A.

Full range of products ideal for a healthy and balanced diet: from milk to yogurt to fruit juices.

Via delle Nazioni Unite, 4

43044 Collecchio (Parma) Italia
Tel.+39.0521.8081 – Fax +39.0521.808322

Parmareggio SpA

Parmareggio is the leading company in the production and sale of
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. It is Italy’s favourite Parmigiano Reggiano
cheese brand.

Via Polonia, 30/33 41122 Modena (MO) Italy
tel +39 059414711 – fax +39 059450441

Pasta Berrurro spa

Production and trading of dry durum wheat pasta, wholemeal durum wheat pasta, egg pasta, gluten-free pasta, pasta with cereals, pasta with legumes.

Via Sommariva, 139/141 10022 Carmagnola (TO) Italy
tel: 011 9713943 – fax 011 9712793

Pasta Lensi srl

Producer of pasta made with durum wheat semolina, whole wheat
semolina, gluten free pasta and baby pasta

Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 21/23 25028 Verolanuova (BS) Italy
tel +39 030 936441- fax +39 030 93644300

Pastificio Andalini spa

Produzione di pasta secca all’uovo, di semola di grano duro, di semola semi integrale, al semolato di farro e paste speciali.

Via Martiri di Belfiore, 13 44042 Cento (FE) Italy
tel +39 051 6856511 – fax +39 051 6856501

Pastificio Cerati srl

Production and marketing of Pasta of durum wheat semolina, pasta of wholewheat durum semolina. Pasta of kamut and wholekaut. Pasta of splet and whole splet. Tricolor pasta with beet and spinach, Tricolor pasta with tomatoes and spinach. Pasta of durum wheat semolina and vitamins

Sede operativa
Via Isonzo 3 20812 Limbiate (MB) Italy

Pastificio di Chiavenna srl

Production of dried pasta, “pizzoccheri della Valtellina PGI”, buckwheat pasta, rye pasta, dietetic pasta, gluten free pasta, specialities.

Via Nazionale 4 23020 Prata Camportaccio (SO) Italy
tel +39 0343 32757 – fax +39 0343 32484

Pastificio Fabianelli spa

Pasta Toscana is entirely produced in Tuscany using the best organic wheat semolina cultivated in our region without pesticides and chemical fertilizers according to the old farming tradition and pure water coming from the springs of the Valdichiana. The production process, within a certified supply chain, combines tradition and innovative technology with bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperatures give our pasta the right roughness, “al dente” cooking and superior organoleptic properties. A conscious choice that lets us taste a product with a high nutritional value in full respect of the environment. Available also as organic egg pasta and organic whole wheat with Omega 3 coming from flaxseed flour (Ala Omega 3) which contains a high amount of fibres, vitamins and mineral. Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to prevent cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Via S. Antonino, 107 – 52043 Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) Italy
tel +39 0575 65601 – fax +39 0575 659355 – –

Pastificio Felicetti srl

Pasta producer

Via L. Felicetti 9 38037 Predazzo (TN) Italy
tel +39 0462 508600 – fax: +39 0462 508681

Pastificio Lucio Garofalo spa

Production and marketing of dry pasta

Via dei Pastai, 42 80054 Gragnano (NA) Italy
tel +39 0818011002 – fax +39 0818012937

Pedrazzoli Salumificio spa

Organic breeding farms of our own property, slaughtering of Italian heavy pigs, transformation into typical cured meats: Parma ham and San Daniele, salami, pancette, coppe, mortadelle and cooked hams.

With PrimaVera® (first organic meat and cold cuts line) we are pioneers of Organic in Italy since 1996.

Via S. Giovanni, 16/A 46020 S. Giovanni del Dosso (MN) Italy
tel 39 0386 757332 – +39 0386757268-757438

Pellegrini srl

Materie prime e semilavorati per la panificazione e la pasticceria.

Viale Industria, 1 – 37030 Roncà (VR)
tel +39 0456545397 – fax +39 0457461091 –

Polenghi – Las srl

Lemon juice and various seasonings

Via Giovanni XXIII, 35 26865 San Rocco al Porto (LO) Italy
tel +39 0377569120 – fax +39 0377569433


Polpuva Italiana srl

Production of grape juices

Via Tesino, 215/A 63035 Offida (AP) Italy
tel +39 0736880055 – fax +39 0736883214

Azienda Agricola Ponte Reale

Production of PDO Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and Buffalo Burrata.

s.p. Ponte Reale Km. 7+600 81010 Ciorlano (CE) ITALY
Tel. +39 0823 940020 – Fax+39 06-99335366 –

Progeo Soc. Coop. Agricola

Soft wheat flours. Livestock feed

Headquarter: Via Asseverati 1, 42122 Reggio Emilia – Italy
tel. 0522 346411
Soft wheat flours Factory: Strada Forghieri 154, 41123 Ganaceto- Modena- Italy
tel. +39 059 845911 Fax +30 059 845955

Livestock feed Factory: Statale Via nazionale 74, 41030 Sorbara di Bomporto- Modena – Italy
tel. +39 059 8070611 Fax +39 059 902453 –


Prometeo srl

A natural passion for farro

Via Metauro, 10 – Zona Artigianale di Canavaccio – Urbino (PU) Italia
Tel +39.0722.53520 – Fax +39.0722.53521 |

Promosagri agricola per Azioni

13 members – Service Cooperative among farm-labourer cooperative for specialistic services supplying, technical assistance and innovations introduction and development

Via Faentina, 106 48100 Ravenna (RA) Italy
tel +39 0544 461014 – fax +39 0544 509555

Prosciuttificio Valserio S.r.l.

The Prosciuttificio Valserio has skillfully combined tradition and technology, authenticity of the product, competence and passion, producing a wide range of Organic cooked meat: 100% Cooked Ham with Italian Meats, High Quality Cooked Ham, Roasted Ham with Herbs, Smoked Prague Cooked Ham, Pork Loin, Roast Turkey Roast, Smoked Chicken Breast with Beech Wood, Roast Beef, Beef Pastrami, DOP Parma Raw Ham, Seasoned Raw Ham, Milan Pastrami, Seasoned Speck, Seasoned Cup, Bresaola.

Via Vittorio Veneto 1M – 26010 Ripalta Cremasca (CR) Italy
TEL: +39 (0)373 259021   FAX: +39 (0)373 83121  –

Azienda Agricola di Rita Salvadori

Organic and biodynamic full cycle firm. Farming and direct production
of chilli products

Via Vicinali dei Poggiali SNC – 57020, Bibbona (LI)
tel +39 0586 1881242 |