Associated Companies

Consorzio il Biologico promotes and  presents core businesses, values and products of associates companies in organic products market. Below you can browse in alphabetical order all the associated companies. Members of Consorzio il Biologico are allowed to join all assemblies, commissions, panels, promotional activities and to enjoy some benefits. Find out how to become a member.

Bia spa

Production and commercialisation of couscous from Durum wheat (white, whole wheat and semi-whole wheat) and from different cereals such as spelt, kamut, barley, corn, rice, buckwheat, lentils and chickpeas, ORGANIC AND GLUTEN FREE. Company certifications: BRC, IFS, Kosher, Halal, Vegan

Strada Statale Adriatica, 1/A 44011 Argenta (FE) Italy
tel +39 0532 804917 – fax: +39 0532 310948

Biemme srl

Organic liquid and dehydrated sweeteners, flours, starches, cereal and

Corso Piemonte, 28 – 12037 Saluzzo (Cn)
Tel. +39 0175 43490 – Fax +39 0175 240655 –

Bio Toscana srl

Trading of jams, juices and fruit puree, extra virgin olive oil, durum semolina and whole wheat pasta, dressings, pestos, tomato sauces, tomato products and derived, fresh and processed vegetables.

Via Alfredo Capone 66 84134 Salerno (SA)
tel +39 0571 366039 – fax +39 0571 34763


Production and trade of durun wheat semolina pasta (classic, legume, spelt, tricolor, (aggiunta virgola) whole wheat, gluten free), rice (white and whole grain), tomato preserves and sauces, pesto sauces (with basil, rocket and spinach
or with tomato), legumes (dried, boiled, flavored), dried cereals, legume and cereal soups, flours, gluten free flours, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, flavored oils, vegetables in oil, vegetable paté (olives, artichokes, zucchini), balsamic vinegar and glaze, wines without sulphites, crackers, vegetable juices, fruit juices, smoothies, fruit jams, honey, coffee, cookies and Panettone

Via Ingegno, area PIP lotto 43, 84087 Sarno (SA) Italy
tel +39 081 5302305 – fax +39 081 5302637

BioLogistic Srl

Import/Export and wholesaler of organic ingredients and raw materials: spices, aromatic herbs, cereals, pulses, sweeteners, fats, seeds, dried vegetables; worldwide organic farming projects.

Viale Monza, 43/B – 20125 MILANO – Italia
tel +39.02.2840392 r.a. – fax +39.02.2613964 |

(Italiano) Biscottificio Verona srl

Experts in: Ladyfingers, Italian Amaretti, Cantuccini, Puff pastries and other typical Italian pastry products

Via Piccinato 4 – 37045, Legnago (VR)
tel +39 0442 603049 – fax +39 0442 602998 |

Bottega nuova sas

Cultivation and production Olive and Wine Grapes – Olive Oil and Wines

Via Roma, 62 50012 Bagno a Ripoli (FI) Italy
tel/fax +39 055 699237

(Italiano) Busti Formaggi srlv

Artisanal tuscan cheese production since 1955

Via Marconi 13 A/B – 56043, Acciaiolo di Fauglia (PI)
Tel. +39 050 650565 – Fax +39 050 659057 |

Il Bottaccio di Guglielmi Luca

The farm “Il Bottaccio” produces in the countryside of the Val di Cornia, high Maremma area, mainly extra virgin olive oil of high quality, continuing the family tradition passed thanks to the passion and the care of his grandfather Ermelindo, who already in 1925 traded olive oil.

Viale dei Lecci, 16 – 57025, Piombino (LI) Italy
Tel. +39 339 4331610 |