Il Bio?

Consorzio il Biologico is a leading working group focusing on discussion, communication and representation in the organic sector at international level.

Innovation and sustainability in the Italian organic sector..


We are the Made-in-Italy organic community.
Ever since 1988 our member companies have been passionate promoters
of the production and sale of all certified organic goods. Together we share information, research and opportunities for building a more sustainable future.

In step with

All the meetings dedicated to the organic world,
the latest news and ideas for the agriculture of the future.


The Consorzio takes part in trade fairs, both in the agrifood and cosmetics sectors. Our goal is to spread the organic culture and instil the notion that “organic is good”.


Meetings, seminars and workshops: useful opportunities for learning and discussion about the relevant sectors and ourselves. You can consult our calendar of events on the relevant page.


Becoming a member of the Consorzio, you will be able to take part in all our activities (such as meetings, committees, working groups and promotional activities) and access our exclusive services.

for a sustainable organic future.

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