Marchesi Antinori S.p.A.

Agricultural farm dealing with wines and oil

Piazza Antinori, 3 – 50123, Firenze (FI) Italy
Tel. +39 0575 69261 – Fax +39 0575 692620 |

Il Cavallino Azienda agricola di Salvadori Romina S.n.c.

Azienda Agricola Il Cavallino, on the tuscan coast of Bibbona, with its traditional
hand-picking and cold extraction method, produces one of most
awarded EVO oils in the world: il Cavallino

Via Paratino, 43 – Loc. Case Sparse Pod. S. Giulia – 57010, Bibbona (LI) Italy
Tel. +39 0586 677383 – Fax +39 0586 677120 |

Il Bottaccio Azienda agricola Gugliemi Luca

The farm “Il Bottaccio” produces in the countryside of the Val di Cornia, high Maremma area, mainly extra virgin olive oil of high quality, continuing the family tradition passed thanks to the passion and the care of his grandfather Ermelindo, who already in 1925 traded olive oil.

Viale dei Lecci, 16 – 57025, Piombino (LI) Italy
Tel. +39 339 4331610 |

Pellegrini srl

Materie prime e semilavorati per la panificazione e la pasticceria.

Via Ateste, 38/e – 35042 Este (PD)
Tel. +39  04294928 –  Fax. +39 04294442 –

Condiparma di Biacchi Stefano e C. sas

Production of technological adjuvants for bread-baking, with sour and dried pasta too, and a range of preparations for bread and raised pasta with cereals, kamut, rye, oats, pumpkin, potatoes, rice, soya-bean and maize. Packaging of extra virgin olive oil whether in 5 litres tins or in 500/800 litres little cistern

Via Prov.le per Torrile 17 43052 Colorno (PR) Italy
tel +39 0521815164 – fax +39 0521816734

Alce Nero spa

Processing and marketing of pasta, tomato sauces, condiments, extra virgin olive oil, rice, legumes, cereals, flours, honey, jams, fruit nectars, biscuits, baby food, gluten free products and fair trade products. Brand: Alce Nero

Via Palazzetti, 5 /C – 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) Italy
tel +39 051 6540211 – fax +39 051 65402106  –

La Doria spa

Production of fruit juices, nectars, rice-based drinks, tomato derived items, extra virgin olive oil, semi-manufactured products

Via Nazionale, 320 84012 Angri (SA) Italy
tel: +39 081 5166111 – fax +39 081 5135987