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Development, Production and Packaging of owned and OEM brands of: Liquid
UHT and Powdered Infant Formulae; Liquid UHT and Powdered special medical
purposed Infant Formulae; Complementary Infant Foods, Cereal Based, Freeze-Dried
Meats, Vitaminized Extra virgin Olive Oil; Wheat Flours and Semolina; Durum
Wheat Semolina Dry Pasta and Special Dry Pastas; Bakery Products; Gluten-free
Bakery Products and Dry Pastas; Low Protein Foods and Beverages, Vegetal Beverages;
Pasteurized Fresh Milk, UHT and ESL Milks, Lactose-free Milks, Dairy Products,
Mozzarella, Scamorza, Mascarpone, Ricotta, Cast Cheeses, Yoghurt, Cream,
Béchamel, Butter. Company’s Quality Management System certified according to

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