(Italiano) Altromercato Impresa Sociale – soc. coop.

Altromercato is the main Italian fair trade organisation and one of the largest in the world. It is a consortium of 109 partners and 260 world shops and manages relationships with 155 organisations of producers in over 45 countries in both the South and North of the World. Altromercato ensures fair wages and respect for thousands of artisans and farmers. Thanks to the transparency and integrity of its supply chain, it protects workers, consumers and environment guaranteeing quality products.

Via Crispi, 9 – 39100, Bolzano (BZ) Italy
ph. +39 045 822600

www.altromercato.it – info@altromercato.it

E-Biofood S.r.l.

Production, distribution and trade of organic food, biodynamic and
herbal products, wholesale, retail and home delivery

Via Cucigliana Lorenzana, 79/C Loc. Lavoria – 56040, Crespina Lorenzana (PI) Italy
Tel. + 90 050 643999 – Fax +39 050 3142831


EcorNaturasì spa

Specialized distribution of organic and biodynamic products

Sede legale:
Via De Besi, 20/c – 37139 Verona (VR) Italy
tel +39 045 8918611
Sede commerciale e logistica:
Via Palù, 23 – 31020 San Vendemiano (TV)
tel +39 0438 720410


Bio Toscana srl

Trading of jams, juices and fruit puree, extra virgin olive oil, durum semolina and whole wheat pasta, dressings, pestos, tomato sauces, tomato products and derived, fresh and processed vegetables.

Via Alfredo Capone 66 84134 Salerno (SA)
tel +39 0571 366039 – fax +39 0571 34763