Associated Companies

Consorzio il Biologico promotes and  presents core businesses, values and products of associates companies in organic products market. Below you can browse in alphabetical order all the associated companies. Members of Consorzio il Biologico are allowed to join all assemblies, commissions, panels, promotional activities and to enjoy some benefits. Find out how to become a member.

Magrini Le Delizie srl

Genoa’s Pesto

Via Catagnina, 4 54100 Massa (MS) Italy
tel +39 0585 791151 – fax +39 0585 791409

Marchesi Antinori S.p.A.

Agricultural farm dealing with wines and oil

Piazza Antinori, 3 – 50123, Firenze (FI) Italy
Tel. +39 0575 69261 – Fax +39 0575 692620 |

Melandri Gaudenzio srl

Import, storage, selection, processing, packaging and distribution of
dried legumes, cereals and oilseeds

Via Boncellino, 120 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA) Italy
tel +39 0545 61278 – fax +39 0545 63677

Molini Industriali spa

Milling of soft wheat. Production of soft wheat flours for bakery and industry. Production of Pizza flours. Marketing of durum semolina for pasta or for bakery

Via Attiraglio, 133 41100 Modena (MO) Italy
tel +39 05931610 – fax +39 059450306

Molino Anselmo Colombo sas

Production of wheat flours, semi-finished for bread-baking, durum semolina marketing

Via Edison, 34 23877 Paderno D’Adda (LC)
tel +39 0399515129 – fax +39 0399515114

Molino De Vita – Industria Agroalimentare De Vita srl

Durum wheat, Spelt and others cereals milling, semolina and whole meal semolina for pasta, remilling semolina for bread. Functionals foods: special products for pasta productions with five cereals, with Omega 3, oat fibers, barley, millet, rye and bukwheat, with lentils, chik pea and pea, uman foods bran. Pellets Bran and Flour sweepings for animals foods
Quality system according to UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 – internal quality management system HACCP

Traceability certified system DNW ISO 22005 – IFS certified company

Via Donizetti, 16 71033 Casalnuovo (FG) Italy
tel +39 0881558556 – fax +39 0881558451

Molino Dellagiovanna G.R.V srl

Milling, soft wheat floursg. Company with quality management system certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001

Via Pilastro, 2 29010 Gragnano Trebbiense (PC)
tel +39 0523787155 – fax +39 0523787450

Molino F.lli Giambastiani srl

Milling plant for the production of soft wheat for general bakery and confectionery

Via Nazionale del Brennero, 798 55029 Ponte a Moriano (LU)
tel +39 0583406324 – fax: +39 0583577774

Molino Grassi spa

Milling of durum and soft wheat, spelt and kamut. Production of durum semolina for dry and fresh pasta, soft wheat flour for bakery, spelt, kamut, Cappelli flour and byproducts for zootechnical use.

Company’s quality management system certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, BRC and IFS standards. Other certifications: Kosher/ Halal/ GMP+/ EPD/ JAS, Demeter, Naturland/ ISO 50001:2011/ OHSAS 18001:2017/ SA 8000:2014.

Via Emilia Ovest, 347 43126 Fraore (PR) Italy
tel +39 05216625 – fax +39 0521672664

Molino Pagani spa

Milling plant. Soft wheat milling, production of semi-finished prepared for
bakery. Company with Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
Food Safety Management System UNI EN ISO 22000:2005. FSSC. Kosher

Via Dei Molini, 38 26812 Borghetto Lodigiano (LO)
tel +39 037129011 – fax +39 0371899035

Molino Quaglia spa

Processing of soft wheat flours

Via Roma, 6 35040 Vighizzolo D’Este (PD)
tel +39 042999122 – fax +39 042999088

Molino Sima scarl

Milling plant 100% bio specialized in production of soft wheat and durum CAPPELLI wheat, spelt and kamut flour along with production of legumes flours too. Cylinder and stone milling lines. Company with Quality Management System Certification according to BRC food technical standard and IFS standard. Internal Quality Management System HACCP .Kosher Certification. FDA certification

Via Circonvallazione, 2 44011 Argenta (FE) Italy
tel +39 0532 804524 – fax +39 0532 805333

Mont’Albano Esse Pi Spa

Production and marketing of wine

Via Casette, 2 37024 S. Maria – Negrar (VR) Italy
tel +39 0432 647016 – fax +39 0432 647016

Montanari e Gruzza spa

Production and marketing of butter and typical grana cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano)

Via Newton, 38 – Loc. Gaida 42100 Reggio Emilia (RE) Italy
tel +39 0522 944251 – fax +39 0522 944129

T.M. srl Torrefazione dei Fratelli Morandini

Coffee roasting

Via Ruc, 1/C – 25040 Esine (BS)
Tel 0364 360661 – Fax 0364 361528