Associated Companies

Consorzio il Biologico promotes and  presents core businesses, values and products of associates companies in organic products market. Below you can browse in alphabetical order all the associated companies. Members of Consorzio il Biologico are allowed to join all assemblies, commissions, panels, promotional activities and to enjoy some benefits. Find out how to become a member.

F. D. S. S.a.s. di De Santi Fabrizio & C.

Production and trade of fresh fruit (apple and pears) for food industry,
fruit semi-finished products (puree, puree concentrate, juice, juice concentrate),
frozen fruit, tomato and tomato semi-finished products (tomato
passata, pulp, concentrate)

Via Corradini, 1/5 – 35042, Este (PD) Italy
Tel. +39 0429 91378 – Fax +39 0429 662197

Fattoria Lischetto srl

Cheese range, extra virgin olive oil

Strada Prov. del Monte Volterrano snc 56048 Volterra (PI) Italy

Fattoria San Michele a Torri soc.agricola srl

Production and processing of wine, oil, cereals and honey

Via S. Michele, 36 50018 Scandicci (FI) Italy
tel +39 055 769111 – fax +39 055 769191

Felsineo spa

Production and commercialization of mortadella

Via Masetti, 8/10 40069 Zola Predosa (BO) Italy
tel: +39 051 3517011 – fax +39 051 3517154

Fertitecnica Colfiorito srl

Founded in Colfiorito in 1984, the company is specialized in the selection, packing and distribution of dry pulses, cereals, seeds, herbs, spices and potatoes. The products range from the traditional ones to innovative solutions for quick cooking, ready meals and snacking.

Via Adriatica 1 06034 Colfiorito (PG) Italy
tel +39 0742 681442 – 680063 – 681014 – fax +39 0742 681465

Fileni srl

Marketing of avicolture meat, fresh and deep frozen beef and pork, cook and ready to cook meals

Via Martiri della Libertà, 27 60035 Jesi (AN) Italy
tel +39 0733 606211 – fax +39 0733 606239

Fiore di Puglia S.p.A.

Production of typical Puglia bakery products taralli, friselle, biscuits and dry pasta

Via Boccotaro, 16 – 70033 Corato (BA)
Tel. +39 080 8982530  – Fax +39 080 3729740 –

(Italiano) Pastificio Fabianelli Spa

Producer of pasta since 1860, fully certified, specialized also in the production of private labels

Via Sant’Antonino 107 – 52043 Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) Italy
tel +39 0575 65601

Salumificio Falcone srls

Italian and Calabrian Certified and Guaranteed meats

Via Forgitelle, 52 87058 Camigliatello Silano (CS)
Tel. +39 0984 578319