How to become members

Members of Consorzio il Biologico are allowed to join all assemblies, commissions, panels, promotional activities and to enjoy some benefits:

  • Use of the Consorzio il Biologico trademark,
  • Informations and follow up on regulations and organic market,
  • B to B meetings with other associated companies, and diffusion of our list of associated companies inorder to develop relationships through companies;
  • Corporate promotion (trade fairs, publishing enterprises, ecc)

Here you can click and read the Statute. The adhesion happens with a resolution of the Board of Directors, wich examinates the request  (on this form) presented by the company, wich provides information on its organisation, and a subscription of a corporation stock (minimum € 2500,00) and the commitment to pay the admission tax of  € 258,23.

There’s also a fee to be paid once a year (art.26 of the statute) calculated as follows:

Company dimension

  • For a turnover of no more than € 5.164.568,99 = basic fee € 361,52
  • For a turnover of more than € 5.164.569,00 = basic fee € 774,69

Discount of fee per corporation stock paid to the Consorzio

  • For a corporation stock of no more than  € 5.164,55 = no reduction
  • for a corporation stock between € 5.164,56 and € 12.911,41 =  10% discount of basic fee
  • for a corporation stock between € 12.911,42 and € 25.822,83 = 20% discount of basic fee
  • for a corporation stock of more than € 25.822,84 =  30% discount